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Max Downforce is an arcade racing game. You control your car with the arrow keys or gamepad. The goal is to finish each of ten laps before the timer reaches zero. A portion of the seconds remaining upon completing a lap is carried over to the next lap. Tools used: Lua and LÖVE (Love2d), Visual Studio Code, Paint dot net, SFXR, Audacity.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
Tagsformula-one, pseudo-3d, racer, Retro


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Dude, this is amazing

BTW, whats the name from the city???

Thank you! If you mean the name of the song, it is 'Future Shock' from PlayOnLoop.com, which I bought a license for. https://www.playonloop.com/2013-music-loops/future-shock/

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Those are some fun physics. I'm having issues with the control layouts. I'd like definable controls. The analog sticks are too fiddly for me. I careen all over the road. I'd rather use the D-pad to steer and A to accelerate. I also have a problem steering and accelerating with the same hand on the keyboard. I'd prefer the gas and wheel be on opposite sides. This is my favorite racing game on itch at the moment. I'd like to be able to play longer.


Hi, sorry for not responding to your post! Thank you for playing. It is not easy for me to make changes to this game, in part because it would involve also making a new Linux version. My game development has slown down a lot sadly, so the free time I have I prefer to spend on a new game.


lol thats so nice, well done!

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Amazing game! Very well made! It is hard yet not frustrating at the same time, that's not an easy thing to achieve.
Here is a video of me winning a gold cup at the mountain track: 


Thank you! That is a nicely made video. Some advanced tunnel wall scraping action! And the gold cup screen is quite rare. Even as the programmer I have not seen it often. 😄 👍

More like Rad Racer 3.


Hi there, and congratulations for the beautiful game. Just downloaded the Linux version, but I can't really play it because just tapping the left or right arrow keys makes the car turn too quickly. It then goes off track, and it's impossible to control. Has anyone seen this bug? Any tips on how to fix it? Thanks!

Thank you for mentioning this. I tried the Windows version and the keyboard controls seem to be broken. I think I may have adjusted the game to work well with the controller, but failed to check keyboard controls before uploading. I do not have a fix at the moment, except for the suggestion to use a controller instead.

Hello again FiveBitGames, after a delay I have now uploaded a new version for Windows and Linux in which this has been fixed. There was a bug which made the steering go too fast on some systems. Thanks again for pointing this out!


wow. this is amazingly well done! so smooth!

Android olsa çok güzel olur


Linux version works very well. And someday i would get farther than silver cup, XD

Thanks for the feedback!


Very well done.

what was this programmed in besides lua? 

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This game uses the LÖVE framework. (https://love2d.org/)


Nice work, you nailed the visuals for racers of that era


Easy to pickup and will transport those over a certain age back to a golden era of games.

This will be getting a lot of play.

My only critisism is I have nothing to complain about :D