Keyboard controls broken

It was brought to my attention that the keyboard controls of the Linux version are not working properly. The same seems to be true for the Windows version. It may be the case that in one of the later updates I have reworked controller input, but failed to check if the keyboard controls also still worked properly.

I do not have a fix at the moment so my advice is to use a controller in this game. Sorry for that!

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But aren't keyboard controls work fine on Windows? Or I just used to them long ago, lol?

As I saw, gamepad use one stick to turn and other one for speed control, so keyboard was best for me actually.

5 minutes later or so: I downloaded available Windows version, and controls seems fine, maybe I just used to them. May game behave differently depending on framerate? That's my only other guess. Still great game.

Hello Bobby and thank you very much for your comment and for checking this. After reading your comment I tried the game on a different Windows computer and this time everything worked as intended! Your guess about the framerate is an interesting one which I will have to look into. There is code that compensates for different framerates, so that the effect of movement, acceleration, steering etc. is similar on different systems, but perhaps this is not properly done in all cases...

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Hello again Bobby Cage, you were right when you guessed frame rate; the frame rate code was actually applied to everything except steering! Now it has been fixed. Thanks again.