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You are a space pilot hired to rescue pilots imprisoned on an alien planet. After landing you can pickup a few weapons and a medikit from your spaceship, then move through the door to confront the aliens!

Your sight is blocked by walls, so you won't see an enemy until you or they come round the corner. Bushes will block bullets when hit from a distance, so you can use them as bunkers by standing in them or behind them.

The prisoner can be found in the north. He will follow you most of the time. You can press F to tell him to stay where he is, or press F again to make him follow you. The goal is to lead the prisoner back to your spaceship so you can both escape. If the prisoner dies or you are in a real hurry, you can also escape without the prisoner.

Use the keyboard (W,A,S,D) to move, and use the mouse to look around and fire your weapons. Select your current weapon using the number keys, or the mouse wheel.

When hit you can receive up to three wounds, slowing you down. Using a medikit (M) will heal all wounds you currently have.

On your way back from the prison, dead enemies towards the south will respawn once.

After every mission, a more dangerous mission begins. If you rescued the prisoner, extra ammo will be available at the start of the next mission.


W, A, S, Dmove
Left Mouse Buttonuse selected weapon
Right Mouse Button or Quse knife
Middle Mouse Button or Ehold/release to throw grenade
1...9 or Mouse Wheelselect weapon
Ftell prisoner to stop or follow
Muse medikit
Escend game

Install instructions

Extract the contents of the ZIP file into a folder, then open ranger.exe to play.


ranger.zip 15 MB


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This is still one of the best 2D shooter I have played. the action is solid without any unnecessary bits and there are many strategies to deal with enemies.

The heal supply is too harsh though. Healing the player after successfully completing the mission would be more forgiving. Sometimes I'm forced to waste medikit when being severely injured with decent amount of health.

Thank you! I like to keep my games simple and not burry the gameplay under layers of control options, menus and achievement systems.  That is the official explanation anyway. :)

Yes, perhaps healing the player at the start of a new mission would be fair. It is difficult for me to change this now, since the game is getting older and the language it was written in is not officially supported anymore.  Maybe I will make a sequel some day!

Could you release the blitzmax code for this? want to learn how this was done!

Hi, this was actually programmed in one of the predecessors of Blitz Max, namely Blitz Basic. (Technically it is Blitz 3d but no 3d is used.) The code is not publicly available, also because of its age.


I played this a while back. Great game!